Only We Can Protect Our Environment

Enagic® deeply cares about protecting the environment, and has developed products that

contribute to both people’s health and the improvement of the global environment.

We are continuously working on conserving the Earth around us and looking after the safety

and quality of life for the next generation.

Hironari Ohshiro, CEO of Enagic®, has developed Guidelines for Environment and Safety

Action, which apply to every Enagic® office and department.

Steps to Make the Earth A Better Place

  • We work to secure materials with a low environmental load.
  • We work to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.
  • We work to conserve natural resources and achieve energy-saving efficiency in order to prevent global warming.

All of us — each employee and the management — observe the international laws, regulations

and standards with regard to the environment and safety.

By giving thorough trainings to our employees, we raise their awareness of environmental and

safety issues, whereby environmental and work-related accidents can be prevented.

We seek continuous improvement, setting environmental goals and objectives, upon which

regular reports are delivered.

We hope every employee, business partner, and Enagic® Kangen Water Distributor will join us and support

these eco-friendly guidelines that can make a big impact on our environment.

Kangen – Return to Origin

At Enagic®, the Japanese word “Kangen” means “return to origin“.

We believe returning Nature to its original state – or the closest state resembling its origin – is an

important part of being a member of the Enagic® family.

When everything is connected, maintaining a healthy body, healthy finances, and healthy world

will help you maintain perfect balance.

Protecting Our Environment – Green Your Home

You can carry your eco-conscious business techniques into your household too!

Generating delicious alkaline ionized water, with a Kangen Water® machine will encourage you to ditch the water bottles that wind up in landfills.

And don’t forget that Kangen Water® (and the other 4 types of powerful Enagic® waters) makes

a remarkable ingredient in all-natural household product alternatives.

Lotions, pet care supplies, bath soaps, compost for the garden, laundry detergent, etc just got a

whole lot greener! Find out how you can extend your “green” business guidelines into a

“greener” lifestyle in your home! You can trust Enagic® to take action that will protect our

environment, and you can trust healthy Kangen Water® to keep you hydrated, energized and refreshed.

Are you ready to jumpstart your life?

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