kangen testimonial kelly“I was left with so many side effects which prevented me from living my life. I live in the country and only drank well water which I thought was the best until I found Kangen Water. Since Making the change I have more energy, sleep better, go out in the cold and enjoy playing with my young son. It changed my life for the better in so many ways. I feel like I’m in my 20’s
Instead of my 40’s. Proper hydration is key and I’m extremely grateful I made this change in my life!”

– Kelly S. – Breast Cancer Survivor, Wife, Mother

kangen testimonial alex“Sylwia and Frank are very passionate about serving those who are committed to changing their lives by changing their waters. They are helping everybody who wants to improve their immune system by hydrating with the most antioxidant water, everybody who wants to live in a chemical-free home, everybody who wants to actually help the environment by eliminating plastic water containers…Sylwia and Frank are on a very noble mission, and I am very proud that together we are changing the world one family at a time by promoting and living the triple health philosophy of Enagic: physical health + financial health + peace of mind. Everybody should join us on this life altering journey! Thank you so much, Sylwia and Frank, for your dedication, for your hard work, and for your commitment.”

-Alex K. – Water Engineer, Husband, Father of 2

kangen testimonial anna“Sylwia went above and beyond in educating my family about proper hydration. I love my Kangen machine I use it for cooking and cleaning. I use it in my SPA and replaced all my chemicals and save a lot of money.”
– Anna H. – Spa Owner

kangen testimonial jessica“I’m a healthy person overall and I know the importance of
Prevention rather than waiting till it’s too late. As an
Entrepreneur and a mom of 3, I have to make health a priority
And Kangen Water makes it so much easier to do that. It keeps me Energized and I get more work done.”

– Jessica S. – Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother of 3

 –kangen testimonial michael“These people know their stuff!

Here I was I thought I knew about water, but I wasn’t truly educated. They showed me the truth, they taught me, they educated me and showed me the science behind it.

We even tested my own water and I was blown away! Highly recommend!”

– Michael S. – Financial Advisor, Husband, Father of 3


“Very helpful, knowledgeable and fantastic service!”

-Luca N.

kangen testimonial kim“This woman has changed my life. She is knowledgable, helpful and knew all my answers as to why and how this water was different from any other water I have drank in the past. It has literally changed my body from the inside out. Thanks Sylwia!”

– Kim L. – Police Sergeant, Mother of 2

kangen testimonial alex“My dogs drink so much, they love it. I have to actually control how much they drink otherwise they over drink and can’t hold it. That’s been a little challenge but I am happy they love it. Their pee is always so clear. All dogs have such yellow pee which shows they are living in a state of dehydration and they can’t even let us know!!! My dogs always pee clear now. It used to be so yellow.

I use the 2.5 to clean up after they eat their raw food. If it spills anywhere, I just disinfect with 2.5. That’s amazing. It’s working. No one has been sick and we have not had any issues with bacteria. This still blows me away but makes me so happy to be using a chemical free cleaner and lick safe cleaner!

I’ve also used it on a dog who burned her paw pads in the summer on the hot pavement. She had bad burns and couldn’t walk. I didn’t seek any vet treatment, simply soaked her pads in 2.5 twice a day and in 3 days the burns were healed. Saved a vet bill and whatever they would have used to care for it!”

– Alex I. – Dog Walker

kangen testimonial christine“Sylwia and Frank have been a great support in helping us appreciate the incredible value of alkaline, ionized water – Kangen water. They are passionate about their personal experiences and have gone out of their way to point us to helpful research and resources. We use our Kangen machine for drinking water, cooking, our laundry, house cleaning, hair and skin beauty, etc. It’s just such an invaluable investment for the best health. Thank you!”

– Paul & Christina S. – Entrepreneurs

kangen testimonial jen“I Love Kangen Water because it
Helped me with my mental fog and allowed for better concentration.”

– Jen T. – AML Investigator, Mother

kangen testimonial kennedy“As a professional in the fitness, health and wellness field I know all too well what needs to be addressed for longevity and health. Exercise, movement, meditation, nutrition and more importantly than anything else…your water!! I chose Kangen water because water is your LIFE line. We, myself and my business partner use it in our personal and professional establishment. If you’re not drinking Kangen water then you might just be drinking poison.”

– Kennedy L. – Health Clinic Owner

kangen testimonial jasmine“Being a mom to a special needs child is
Exhausting. Kangen water gives me the energy I need
To sustain myself throughout the day. When I wake up I drink 2 glasses
And wash my face with beauty water.”

– Jasmine H. – Student, Mother of 2