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Is Bottled Alkaline Water A Waste?

Alkaline Bottled Water – Is it Worth Your Money? Bottled alkaline water IS NOT the same as alkaline ionized water created by your Kangen Water® machine. Below, I show you the difference. And how you may be able to save a lot of money in the end and create better health for yourself. If you’re…

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Why You Need to Drink Alkaline Water

Is Alkaline Water Really All That? Water. Isn’t it free? Why should we pay for what we see coming out of our taps, every day? We are so fortunate to have water on demand, unlike some other countries. We take this for granted. Many people also think that tap water is going to nourish us.…

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Kangen Water Interview With Dr. Filtzer

Kangen Water Interview With Dr. Filtzer Dr. Horst Filtzer graduated as a vascular surgeon from Harvard. In 2008 he did a surgery on a classmate and had him stay at his house. This man brought a Kangen Water® machine with him. Dr. Filtzer started drinking the water and as he says,’the rest is history’. He…

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Kangen Water: Travelling Made Easy

Kangen Water Travels Well Do you remember the days when we could bring our own water on the plane? Travelling with your Kangen Water® is possible. Watch the video below to see how easy it is. Now, everywhere you go, you can take your water with you. Carefully pack up your Kangen Water® machine in…

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Kangen Water Saves You Money Cleaning

Kangen Water Saves You Money Cleaning Do you want a clean home? How about a safe home from chemical cleaners? It’s very challenging to get both, isn’t it? Kangen Water® is a natural alternative to keeping your home clean, safe….and you save a TON of MONEY! You can now do without chemicals in your home…

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What is Enagic’s Anespa?

Ahhhh. Anespa! You may be drinking Kangen Water® by now. The next step is for the biggest organ of your body to lap up the benefits of alkaline ionized water, from the outside. Your skin. It’s delicate, yet it’s strong and protective of you. So many functions are performed by your skin including detoxification and…

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The Biz of Kangen Water

A Business That Creates Freedom For You Now and In The Future How many businesses out there already have a proven method to earn you a really really great living, on your own terms? Enagic has been around for over 40 years and is helping people just like you, take control of their health and…

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Are Your Antioxidants the Healthiest?

Are Your Antioxidants The Healthiest? Especially during the times of colder weather, I found myself reaching for extra Vitamin C, E and Fish Oils. Like most people, I thought I was doing the best to prevent illness. And then I found out a little more. Watch the video below to see how antioxidants measure up…

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