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Headaches A World Wide Epidemic

kangen water helps headaches

Headaches A World Wide Epidemic If you suffer from chronic headaches, you’re not alone! Over 45 million Americans endure chronic headaches every year. About 280 million people suffer from migraines worldwide. Headaches As you probably know all too well, the cost of a headache or a headache disorder goes far beyond the physical effects on…

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Scientific Research Behind Ionized Water

The Science Behind Ionized Water Here are some scientific studies on Ionized water. Search Engines Scientific Terms 2.5 pH electrolyzed oxidizing water (EOW) or hypochlorous acid 9.5 pH electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) or alkalized water or ionized water 11.5 pH sodium hydroxide 1. Advanced Research On The Health Benefit Of Reduced Water 2. Electrolyzed-Reduced…

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Detoxing Made Easy

Detoxing Your Body Has Never Been Easier Your body – whether or not you are aware – contains toxins. It’s True! Toxins enter your body a variety of ways – from the environment, your diet, your hectic lifestyle, stress, etc. They inhabit your body and interfere with your normal internal processes. These unwanted substances need…

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Better Health Through Alkaline Ionized Water

Kangen Water® For Better Health It may seem simple to understand that the foundation of good health is good hydration. But it takes a lot more consideration to find quality beverages that can provide optimal hydration with additional health benefits. A lot of them out there are creating a false truth. You know that healthy,…

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Pamper Your Pet, Naturally

Pamper Your Pet and Save Yourself Money If you are like 60% of Americans, you love to pamper your pet! According to a new poll by the non-profit organization American Pet Products Association (APPA), pet care spending is on the rise again. “Pet gift spending” was up a reported 30 percent from last year, and…

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Will You Help Protect Our Environment?

Only We Can Protect Our Environment Enagic® deeply cares about protecting the environment, and has developed products that contribute to both people’s health and the improvement of the global environment. We are continuously working on conserving the Earth around us and looking after the safety and quality of life for the next generation. Hironari Ohshiro,…

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Free Radicals Aging You Prematurely?

Free Radicals Can Lead to Illness and Disease Have you ever heard of free radicals? A free radical is a molecule, ion, or atom that exists in your body as a result of oxidation. We breathe in oxygen with each breath, so you can imagine how often free radicals occur. Because of their molecular structure,…

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Dehydration Robs You Of Energy

Dehydration Robs You Of Energy Do you know how much water you should drink each day? Everyone has different requirements! If you don’t know, don’t worry – most of us don’t! We’ve heard guidelines, sure, but there are so many sources of information out there all saying different things. How do we know who to…

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Be Healthy Stay Hydrated

Be Healthy. Stay Hydrated. Water is the foundation of your bodily health, as it comprises 50 to 70% of your physical composition. You may wonder why adequate hydration is important if your body already contains so much water. Why do you need to “refill” everyday? Isn’t there already enough water in your body to keep…

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