kangen water helps headaches

Headaches A World Wide Epidemic

If you suffer from chronic headaches, you’re not alone!

Over 45 million Americans endure chronic headaches every year. About 280 million people suffer from migraines worldwide.


As you probably know all too well, the cost of a headache or a headache disorder
goes far beyond the physical effects on your body and health. The World Health Organization
(WHO) estimates that “25 million working or school days are lost every year because of
migraines”. As a result, Americans spend over $50 billion a year on their headaches, due to lost
wages and prescription and over-the-counter medications. Instead of searching for the cause of their headaches, many people instead turn to medicine to
relieve their symptoms. They are helpless to stop the next headache before it starts. The bottom line: Headaches aren’t just draining us physically… they are draining us financially!
There is HOPE! You CAN put a stop to this costly condition! Preventing your headache from occurring is the real battle. Have you ever thought about what
triggers your headaches? There are many different types of headaches, caused by a variety of sources – from skipping
meals to consuming too much caffeine or sugar. One of the most common triggers is
dehydration. Thankfully, this is one factor you can control!


Preventing dehydration and lowering your risk for headaches is easy: drink plenty of water.
While some beverages are loaded with sugar (e.g. sodas and flavored water), or diuretics that
can dehydrate you (coffee, alcohol, juice, etc), water is especially beneficial for hydrating your
body effectively and naturally. To help prevent headaches and other side effects of dehydration,
you must consume plenty of water throughout your day.

Enagic Water 8 Glasses – How Much Water?

Most people need 8 full glasses of water to ward off symptoms of dehydration, although this
varies from person to person. Keep a water journal and tune into your body to find the right
amount for you!

Kangen Water® – The Headache Buster

Enagic®’s Kangen Water® is a great choice for pure water hydration. This slightly alkaline water
is free of chlorine and FULL of antioxidants and dissolved hydrogen (H2) to keep your body
hydrated and working at peak performance. Kangen® gives you all the benefits of regular water, PLUS a BOOST of healthy molecules that
penetrates your cell membranes and goes to work in the deepest corners of your body.
When water is so important to your health, why not choose the water that gives you more?

If you want more information about how Kangen water can help your family, feel free to contact me here.