My Core Values and What Drives Me

My Journey – The Foundation for My Life and Business



To be the world leading team responsible

for shifting our current health crisis by

improving and enhancing the lives of

families and communities.


To empower and enrich the lives of millions

of families around the world by providing

education, products and services to elevate

their physical, mental and financial health.

This freedom will allow for a long fulfilling

life by design.

Core Values



being committed, helpful and doing as you say


doing the right things and following your intuition

Gratefulness and Appreciation for
Self and Others

giving gratitude in all situations even if you have not

Passionate and Open Minded

believing in yourself and Enagic

Awesome Environment

having fun, maintaining a positive attitude and great energy

Commitment to Excellence

never compromising on quality and always striving to improve in every way


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Core Values, Vision and Mission