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Sylwia Swider is the founder of Live Liphe, which provides you with nature’s water loaded with electrons straight from your tap.

Sylwia loves to share and teach others on healthy lifestyle choices, health promotions and preventative care, through simple discussions, open honest dialog and deepening personal connections.

Sylwia Swider


Kangen Water®

What We Get

Greener Home

How to clean every area of your home. Discover the Enagic® advantage, and enjoy a chemical-free home.

Non-toxic Cleaning

Reduce consumption and unnecessary plastic waste by making your own eco-friendly cleaning products. Kangen Water® will make your house healthy, safe and happy.

Greener Food

Cleaning Produce with Kangen Water

3 simple steps you can take to make sure your food is healthy and chemical-free.

Skin Care

Spending too much money on expensive cleansers, lotions, and other skin care products?


Gardening with Enagic® Water is a great way to keep your plants and flowers healthy, enlivened, and lush.


Keep your pets free from toxins by using our chemical-free pet shampoo made with Kangen Water®!


29 pages of daily tips for a greener and healthier lifestyle with Kangen Water!

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Kangen Water®


“Sylwia went above and beyond in educating my family about proper hydration. I love my Kangen machine I use it for cooking and cleaning.Read more 
– Anna H. – Spa Owner

“I’m a healthy person overall and I know the importance of
Prevention rather than waiting till it’s too late. As an
Entrepreneur and a mom of 3, I have to make health a priority Read more
– Jessica S. – Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother of 3

“These people know their stuff!

Here I was I thought I knew about water, but I wasn’t truly educated. They showed me the truth, they taught me, they educated me and showed me the science behind it. Read more

– Michael S. – Financial Advisor, Husband, Father of 3

“I was left with so many side effects which prevented me from living my life. I live in the country and only drank well water which I thought was the best until I found Kangen Water. Read more 

– Kelly S. – Breast Cancer Survivor, Wife, Mother

“Sylwia and Frank are very passionate about serving those who are committed to changing their lives by changing their waters. They are helping everybody who wants to improve their immune system by hydrating Read more 

-Alex K. – Water Engineer, Husband, Father of 2

“My dogs drink so much, they love it. I have to actually control how much they drink otherwise they over drink and can’t hold it. That’s been a little challenge but I am happy they love it. Read more

– Alex I. – Dog Walker

“I Love Kangen Water because it
Helped me with my mental fog and allowed for better concentration.”

– Jen T. – AML Investigator, Mother

“Being a mom to a special needs child is
Exhausting. Kangen water gives me the energy I need
To sustain myself throughout the day. When I wake up I drink 2 glasses
And wash my face with beauty water.”

– Jasmine H. – Student, Mother of 2

“As a professional in the fitness, health and wellness field I know all too well what needs to be addressed for longevity and health. Exercise, movement, meditation, nutrition and more importantly Read more 

– Kennedy L. – Health Clinic Owner

It’s Going to be Perfect!


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